Mountain Biodiversity

Mountains ecosystems are actually associated with the terrestrial ecosystems because they are found on highlands. They provide an array of habitats where a large number of animals and plants can be found. Like other ecosystems such as those described above, the mountain ecosystems host plant and animal species that can adapt to the influence of elevation and climate of the area.

Mountain ecosystems are home to a wide variety of animals and plants species. The ecological richness and beautiful features of Liberia‘s mountain landscapes make for attractive tourist destinations. Unfortunately, the tourism sector of Liberia is still underdeveloped and so is unable to utilize the opportunities which these mountain ecosystems provide.

The mountains and mountain ranges identified in Liberia are Nimba, Wologisi, Bong Range, Gibi, Putu, Bomi, Wutivi, Mano, Bea, Kpo Range, and Wenegissi (Ref: Liberia National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2017-2025). It must be noted here, though, that four of these mountains and mountain ranges –Bong Range, Gibi Mountain, Kpo Range, Bomi Mountain, have been exploited for iron ore. Meanwhile, ArcelorMittal, a multinational mining giant , has gathered more information about the various species of birds of which the mountains of the Nimba Range serve as habitat.Previously, the total species list for the Nimba Range stood at 413. Because of the research on birds that AML had supported, the current list of birds of the Nimba Range is now 615 (AML 2010).