The EKMS Community Forum

Like other Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the EKMS Community Forum is a place where people go to exchange ideas and talk about the growing agenda and/or topics of the Rio Conventions implementation in Liberia.

Generally, topics opened for discussions are about cross-cutting issues relating to biodiversity, climate change and ways to combat desertification. To explore forum topics Click here.

The key purpose of the community forum is to provide a vehicle for EKMS Knowledge Brokers to assist you in responding to technical questions or problems that might arise from using the Environmental Knowledge Management System website or issues/questions relating to the Rio Conventions implementation in Liberia.

Feel free to discuss issues and submit questions or useful links regarding the implementation of the Rio conventions in Liberia. Discussion is by all means restricted to registered users only. Please note that any inappropriate contents including topics/questions/comments/images/videos posted on the community forum, will be removed by the forum moderators.

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