LLA Ends Awareness on the Land Rights Acts of 2018 & LLA Act of 2016

To increase awareness on the Land Rights Act (LRA) of 2018 and the LLA Act of 2016, including other national and international legal instruments that promote and protect women and young girls, people with disabilities and marginalized groups, the LLA with support from Lantm√§tariet-SIDA funded Capacity Building for Inclusive Land Administration and Management Project (ILAMP), has ended a robust awareness campaign on women’s land rights in Nimba County. The awareness campaign targeted fifteen communities, namely; Sehyikimpa, Zor-Gowee, Zor-Tehipa, Zor-Gbarplay, Gbao-Gbalasonah, Duo-Tiayee, Loyee, Gbei-Tengbe, Douwin, Zaglay, Zuoplay, Korsen, Tunupuyee, Whipa and Garr-Busie.