Report on the Liberia Labour Force Survey 2010

This report presents the main results of the Liberia Labour Force Survey 2010. The survey was conducted jointly by the Ministry of Labour and the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo‐Information Services (LISGIS), and the fieldwork took place over a three‐month period from February to May 2010. Technical support was provided by the International Labour Office. This survey report is based on data collected from 6233 households in 523 enumeration areas spread around the country. Socio‐demographic information was collected from about 32,000 household members, and more detailed information on each person’s economic activity was collected from about 25,000 household members aged 5 and over. Most of the data presented in this LFS report relates to the population aged 15 and over, and is based on data collected from about 17,000 individuals. In an effort to have a larger sample for this survey, and to make government data collection more efficient, fieldwork for this survey was combined with the fieldwork for the Core Welfare Indicators Questionnaire (CWIQ) survey and with another survey module on human rights. As a result, the larger sample allows for estimates to be made down to the county level, which had not been possible on previous surveys such as CWIQ 2007 and DHS 2007. According to the survey data, it is estimated that the number of people aged 15 and over in each activity status is as shown in the table below: