Report on the Chimpanzee and Large Mammal survey in the Kpayan Gross Concession Area of investigation of Golden Veroleum, Liberia

On assignment by Golden Veroleum (Liberia), Inc. (GVL) from the 5th of December 2013 to the 7th of January 2014, the Wild Chimpanzee Foundation (WCF) led a chimpanzee and large mammal survey in the Kpayan district Gross Concession area (for reference on terminology
related to area refer to Appendix 1). Using IUCN standards for transect surveys of great apes; a sampling design was created to cover the whole of the EPA permit area. Data was collected along 54 linear transects of 1 km for chimpanzees, large mammals and anthropogenic pressure. From the data collected, we could estimate a total population of 48 chimpanzees in the 15,000 hectares area of field investigation, of which an estimated 14 chimpanzees can be found in the 8,000 hectare RSPO permit area. This compares to an estimated population of 7,008 chimpanzees in Liberia in a total area of 10,697,049 hectares (Tweh et al., in press) and 1,517 in the three protected areas of Liberia in a total area of 534,194 hectares (Tweh et al., in press). Estimations for the nursery area and other proposed first stage development areas are not possible due to the low number of data.