Liberia’s 2022 Updated National Capacity Self Assessment Report

This updated National Capacity SelfAssessment draws from two major interventions. First, a National Capacity SelfAssessment was conducted in 2006. The process identified a list of capacity gaps that could hinder or limit the country’s ability to attain obligations of the Rio Conventions. As a result of such initiatives, the country has been working with its partners to close some of the capacity gaps listed in the 2006 NCSA. Second, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has been working with the Liberian government through the EPA to implement the CrossCutting Capacity Development (CCCD) project, which is funded by the Global Environmental Facility (GEF). The fouryear project had the goal of helping Liberia to make better decisions to meet and sustain global environmental obligations. Such a goal required the country to have the capacity to coordinate efforts, as well as best practices for integrating global environmental priorities into planning, decisionmaking, and reporting processes. Accordingly, the project aimed to strengthen a targeted set of national capacities to deliver and sustain global
environmental outcomes within the framework of sustainable development priorities.