Liberia: Infrastructure and Inclusive Growth

The main purpose of this report is to propose an infrastructure planning strategy for Liberia that contributes to national and regional integration in a manner that secures peace and stability for the long term future. It specifically aims at formulating an investment approach that is explicitly cognizant of Liberia’s status as a fragile state so as to promote inclusive growth and avoid a recurrence of conflict in the future, as well as enabling Liberia to deepen its links with MRU and ECOWAS neighbors, thereby enhancing the development benefits which can accrue from regional integration.

The study examines and is built around three major themes: (i) stability, (ii) regional integration, and (iii) the infrastructure gaps in Liberia. The issue of stability is a central concern that takes into account the extent of human harm and physical damage which the nation suffered during its fourteen years conflict. This theme informs the choice of growth strategies that will foster an era of inclusive and transformational growth. The report assesses the drivers of the original conflict and the vulnerabilities which remain as a basis for prioritizing infrastructure investment that delivers the inclusive growth which Liberia now requires.