Liberia Common Country Assessment 2018

The Common Country Assessment (CCA) has become a mandatory first step process for the preparation
of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). The CCA for Liberia serves two
purposes, which include, informing priority settings for the UN Vision 2030 and providing the muchneeded evidence in the development of the Theory of Change for the next UN Programme of Support for
the Government of Liberia. This CCA was conducted between mid-January and end of March 2018. The
methodological approach of the CCA was guided by the UNDG (2017) guidance of CCA1
in terms of
assessment and analysis. The methodology for the development of the CCA included CCA thematic
area reviews by stakeholders (Government, UN, Development Partners – DPs, Civil society
Organisations (CSOs and private sector). The stakeholders undertook a SWOT analysis of key themes
and produced CCA thematic papers which were a key input to the development of this CCA. The CCA
methodology also included: an extensive desk review; intensive stakeholder consultations; field data
collection; data analysis and a stakeholder validation workshop. A total of 136 personnel from the
government, development partners, private sector and UNCT were interviewed. The limitations for the
compilation of the CCA included: access to compratice up-to-date survey data including sex
disaggregated statistics, lack of baseline for SDGs and a country in political transition which limited clarity
on a shared understanding of government prioitities.