Land Commission Consultation Report – 2010

This section of the report is an abbreviated version of the records of the county consultative meetings held between March and April 2010. It provides information on the Land Commission, the consultative meetings, the views of participants on land issues, the key recommendations and their linkage to the program areas of the Land Commission.

The Land Commission (LC) was established by an Act of the National Legislature of Liberia in August 2009 and has a life span of 5 years. It is an autonomous agency that is structured with seven commissioners at the strategic apex. Each commissioner is from a different county; appointed by the President and confirmed by the Liberian Senate. In addition to the commissioners, there is a technical secretariat which provides technical and administrative support to the Commission.

The mandate of the Commission is to ‘Propose, advocate and coordinate reforms of land policy, laws and programs in Liberia’. Contrary to the widely held public view and perception, the LC does not have adjudicatory powers or an implementation role.