High Conservation Value Public Summary Wonegizi Proposed Protected Area

This assessment took place between March and June 2018, beginning with a desk review of data already available for the assessment site. Next, a gap analysis was conducted, and methodologies were developed. This was followed by field work to fill the identified gaps in order the to finalize the HCV assessment. This assessment followed the Liberian national HCV toolkit, developed by Fauna & Flora International and Proforest in 2013, as a reference document to identify HCVs at a national level. This national toolkit follows the interpretations in the HCVRN guidance, and any deviations from these are noted clearly in this assessment.

The organisation commissioning this assessment is Fauna & Flora International (FFI) Liberia, lead by Colin Pringle, Senior REDD+ Programme Manager. Contact: +447725594204, colin.pringle@faunaflora.org, The David Attenborough Building, Pembroke Street, Cambridge, UK, CB2 3QZ. Fauna & Flora International was founded in 1903 and was the world’s first international wildlife conservation organization. Its mission is “to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science, and which take into account human needs”1. It is currently working on over 140 projects in over 40 countries worldwide.

FFI has started working on REDD+ (Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) projects in Liberia and Myanmar to create a financial value for the carbon stored in their forests to use towards conservation activities. The REDD+ project in Liberia will provide gazettement of vital conservation habitats and sustainable forest management while integrating community incentives.