Code of Forest Harvesting Practices

The Forestry Development Authority (FDA) has developed this Code of Practice for Timber Harvesting to provide a clear set of guidelines to help foresters and logging companies select practices to be followed when carrying out harvesting operations under forest management contracts (FMC) and timber sales contracts (TSC). The purpose of these guidelines is to prescribe a code of timber harvesting practice, to which the FDA requires all contract holders to adhere. The planning requirements for forest areas under FMCs and TSCs are different with respect to some of the activities. However, the requirements regarding good logging practice remain the same and these are described in this code. Practices that conform to the regulations or guidelines should, at least in theory, achieve a desired outcome such as the harvest of commercial timber from a specified area of forest in a way that meets standards for sustainable forest management. Sustainable forest management recognizes the importance of all products and services
provided by the forest, including timber, water quality, soils, biodiversity, and the livelihood of people that live or work in the forest. Liberia’s response to these concerns has been to develop principles, policies and
guidelines for improved forest management and timber harvesting practices. This is reflected in the new forest policy, forest legislation, forest management guidelines and
codes of practice.