Sea Turtle Watch

The Sea Turtle Watch (STW) Liberia is dedicated to saving endangered sea turtles from imminent extinction through community-based programs and development.
We work to conserve and recover the already declined sea turtle populations in Liberia through field monitoring, research, conservation education, advocacy and habitat protection. We work to ensure that the beaches are recognized as important nesting habitats and the territorial waters of Liberia are foraging grounds for sea turtles. We are working to improve national regulations and law enforcement which will positively impact the conservation status of sea turtles in Liberia.
STW is focused on protecting threatened and endangered marine turtles and their habitats along the Liberian coastline. Our long-term marine turtle conservation strategies are centered on establishing community sanctuaries or marine turtle reserves (Protected Areas) at important nesting sites in partnership with local coastal communities to protect critically endangered sea turtles occurring in Liberia.