Request for Expression of Interest: A Survey to Assess Public Awareness of the Importance of the RIO Conventions

The consultancy aims to examine the awareness level among Liberians (public, institutions and organizations and rural settlers), to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of the current environmental awareness, and to suggests a plan that is likely to raise the level of environmental awareness in the full contexts climate change, biological conservation and land degradation. A review of previous related surveys is also required amongst a survey of the public, institutions, individuals and other relevant groups. Due to the importance of the environment in Liberia, and its connotations to socioeconomic development in general, and rural livelihoods in particular, this survey should contribute towards enhancing the national framework related to enhancing of biodiversity, climate change and land degradation awareness among individuals. The survey should utilize primary data collected through structured survey questionnaires. A random sample of professionals in institutions to test their awareness in the fields of climate change, biological conservation and land degradation.

Link: Survey to Assess Public Awareness