REFRENCE NO: TOR/CCCD/EPA-2020-010, Design and Carry Out a Survey to Assess Public Awareness of the Importance of the Rio Conventions

The UNDP through the EPA as Implementing Entity (IE) intends to recruit the service of a National Consultant, to design and carry out a survey to assess public awareness of the importance of the Rio Conventions to catalyzing sustainable development. This project is in line with the GEF-6 CCCD Strategy objective 1, 3, and 5 which call for countries to: a) integrate global environmental needs into management information systems and monitoring, b) integrate MEA provisions into national policy, legislative, and regulatory frameworks, and c) update NCSAs, respectively.  The goal of this project is for Liberia to make better decisions to meet and sustain global environmental obligations.  This requires the country to have the capacity to coordinate efforts, as well as best practices for integrating global environmental priorities into planning, decision-making, and reporting processes.  To this end, the objective of this project is to strengthen a targeted set of national capacities to deliver and sustain global environmental outcomes within the framework of sustainable development priorities.

*Note* The closing date has been extended to 4PM, November 3rd, 2020.

Link: Design and Carry Out a Survey to Assess Public Awareness