National Consultant / Firm Wanted to Provide Capacity Building Support to the EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia is the statutory authority in Liberia to handle all environmental matters. In doing so, the EPA works with other key environmental institutions to carry out its mandates as well as working with the general population of Liberia for the protection, management and conservation of the natural environment of the country for the generation today as well as the generation tomorrow. To strengthen its regulatory roles, and to enhance its institutional capacity, the EPA hire a national consultant to develop four instruments for its administration. Those instruments include: (1) Program Delivery Frameworks, (2) Monitoring and Evaluation Policy, (3) Personnel Appraisal System and (4) Institutional Training Policy. As indicated above, these tasks were intended to address the Harmonized Approach to Cash Transfers (HACT) Audit Recommendations. The HACT framework represents a common operational framework for transferring cash to government and non-governmental Implementing Partners (IPs).

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