National Food Security and Nutrition Strategy

With the publication of this Food Security and Nutrition Strategy (FSNS), the
government of the Republic of Liberia declares the commitments it will undertake and the
activities that it will put in motion to substantially reduce food insecurity and improve
nutrition in the country in the next eight years. Government recognizes that to further its
ambitions of peace, reconciliation, stability, and development, the nation as a whole and each Liberian household must achieve food security and improved nutrition. Certainly, the
Liberian economy rests heavily on the food security and the nutritional well-being of its
citizens. By ensuring that all its citizens have reliable physical and economic access to
sufficient safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences,
government will be laying a strong foundation for not only a prosperous nation, but also a
more peaceful and secure nation.

The key objectives of the FSNS are to make certain that all Liberians have reliable access
to the food they need and are able to utilize that food to live active and healthy lives. As
such, ensuring food security and good nutrition is not a policy choice of government that it
can decide to accept or reject, but a right of the citizens of Liberia which the government is obligated to respect, promote, and protect.