Multi Year Strategic Plan 2019-2023

I am delighted to present the Strategic Plan for the Liberia Maritime Authority. We have retained our strong international brand and we are determined to develop a best in class domestic and international maritime operation. We foresee this sector becoming a major income generator that will underpin the vibrancy of the Liberian economy.
The strategic planning process over the last several months has realigned our focus and resources to make strategic choices and craft specific and measurable goals and objectives which are in line with attaining our five (5) year vision of “Building a vibrant domestic maritime program that is financially self-sustaining, internationally compliant, and effective in protecting our maritime domain”.
In order to accomplish this, we need foresight and adaptability from all our partners and stakeholders. Technology, Tourism and Trade are key to our continued growth. We need to embrace innovation and ensure we continue to build a sustainable marine environment.