Liberia National Biodiversity Conservation Strategy and Action Plan

Liberia has been regarded as one of the Biodiversity hotspots in the world, and one which contains the highest remaining portion (42%) of the Upper Guinea Massif including plants with high endemism. The country boasts of over 2000 vascular plant species, 600 bird species, 75 reptile species, 150 mammal species, etc., which demand adequate safeguard/ measures. Thus to enhance the conservation and sustainable utilization of biological resources, Liberia needs a sound, comprehensive and holistic blueprint (strategy) which will chart the way to sustainable management/governance of these resources.

Liberia ratified the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) on November 8, 2000, and in 2002 commenced the writing of a strategy & action plan that underscores the importance the country attaches to its intrinsic values of biological resources. Since 2004 when the document was launched, it has served as a national blueprint utilized by sector institutions responsible for biodiversity management in the country.

The revised NBSAP has been prepared consistent with Strategic Goals of the CBD and its Aichi Targets, as well as Liberia‘s national goals and objectives for biodiversity management. The Strategy takes into account key issues identified by stakeholders critical for biodiversity conservation and provides strategic direction to enhance biodiversity management. I look forward to successful implementation of the Strategy, with support and collaboration of all stakeholders.