Department of Inter-Sectorial Coordination at EPA Engages Communities About Illegal Mangrove Harvesting

Considering that awareness is a cardinal part of the work being done at the Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia, a team of awareness officers in the Department of Inter-Sectorial Coordination intensified its engagement with several communities where mangrove forests are being illegally harvested in violation to the Environmental Protection Management Law of Liberia.
In one of the communities, Tyler Island residents asked the EPA to empower community leaders through a written instrument to arrest people illegally building in the Mesurado Wetland thus destroying the mangrove forest.
At Voker Mission in Paynesville and Cotton tree Baptist Seminary, residents were educated about the danger of destroying the wetlands and the mangrove forests. They were cautioned against dumping wastes in the environment and the danger plastic poses on the environment. Construction in wetlands and damming of waterways were also talked about during the discussions with local residents.
It is everyone’s hope that the Agency will empower and properly equip its team of technicians and awareness officers and the leadership of communities to carry-out effective awareness for a sustainable management and protection of the environment.